3 Reasons You Can’t Face the Camera (Literally!)

I have been making some huge changes in my business direction.

With that being said, I am 100% ready to dive head first into utilizing video for my business (in every and all aspects).

This is a hard and darn near impossible task for many business owners. They take one look at the camera and their palms start to sweat, their legs start to shake and a lump forms in their throat. Recording a video to post or going LIVE for your entire audience to see on the internet is exactly the equivalent to walking up on stage and speaking in front of to 1,000+ people.

So how do you get over this hump? Is it even possible?

I can honestly say that, YES IT IS!

Through my research and asking a billion questions, I discovered the 3 biggest fright points that business owners face when thinking about utilizing video (both pre-recorded and LIVE) for their business.

“I don’t like how I look/my voice sounds on camera.”

I get it. Being self-conscious of how you look and sound can be a MAJOR ANXIETY turn on for most people. Particularly for women, we are taught a backward view of how we should look and act by society. This translates to most aspects of our lives, video being one of them.

Stepping in front of a camera (or on stage) is all about mindset. The people you are presenting to are there to hear your message. If it resonates with them, how you look and sound won’t even be a factor in the value you are giving. They will appreciate you for what you say, not on how you look or sound. Granted, we live in a world where people are constantly judging us. If someone scoffs at you for how you look or sound and are too blinded by it to pay attention to what you have to say, then they aren’t your audience. Being in front of your people is the best way to weed those negative-nellies out. As business owners, we need to roll with the punches otherwise our business will defeat us.

This point ties into our next biggest fright factor –

“I don’t know if what I have to say carries enough value.”

Wanting your content to provide value immediately is a characteristic of perfectionism. Yes, you want your message to give your audience value, but the pressure to hit a home run right out of the gate is not the kind of stress you need. This is a learning process and the best way to learn is by doing.

Your first few videos might not provide your audience with the best value. One thing you can do BEFOREHAND is to poll your audience. Ask them what they would want to hear from you. Look back on past engagements and see if any topics stand out that did really well or if a particular question was asked multiple times. Write it down. Start breaking steps into bullet points as far as how to solve these problems or embellish on a topic that your audience resonated within the past.

You will feel more prepared and that will make you feel more confident.

“I don’t have the time nor the patience to learn all the tech.”

It does seem like a LOT doesn’t it? Recording, editing, creating cards, graphics, copy content, SEO, scheduling…the list goes on. More often than not, it’s the editing and lighting that hangs people up.

So start simple. You don’t need to have a $400k camera and studio lighting to shoot a great video.

Grab your phone. Prop it up with some books or DVD cases. Stand in front of a window.

You are ready to rock!

DVD boxes and phone in hand. This was my setup for my very first FB live stream

Down the line, you may invest in better equipment. For now, just do it! As far as editing goes, you may choose to outsource that. You can also use free editing tools like iMovie and Adobe Spark. If editing is the only thing that is holding you back, there are resources out that that can help you gain a clearer understanding of the process.

Are any of these your pain points?

Drop a comment below or schedule a coffee chat with me. I would love to help set you on the right path towards video greatness!

Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook to get daily tips on how you can conquer your fear of video. Hope to see you pop in!


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4 thoughts on “3 Reasons You Can’t Face the Camera (Literally!)

  1. All of these ring true for me. I still haven’t even started doing Instagram stories because of these reasons. Not knowing what to say and then finding 27 reasons to just delete it after I get up the nerve to do it in the first place. The cycle is vicious!

    • It really is, but a lot of it is just overcoming your fear and doubt. Sometimes just diving in with your eyes closed is the only way you can do it. It’s scary, but wasn’t it Neil Gaiman who said that even if something scares you, do it anyway? Totally true for EVERYTHING in life

  2. All of what you listed rings true. Especially my looks is an issue for me. I’m looking into therapy due to extremely low self esteem.

    BUT I started this visibility challenge on instagram and finally caved and did at least a story. My following grew by 20 people! It’s totally worth it.

    • that’s awesome that you gained some followers from video! It’s such a hard hill to climb, but like you said, it renders some pretty incredible results! Good luck with it in the future! I’m here to answer any questions you might have 🙂

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