Easy Video Topics to Get Recordin’

Getting in front of the camera is one thing, but knowing what to record is another!

In case you are one of those thousands of people struggling to figure out your next video topic, here are some simple and easy topics for you to help you get started using video for your business:

Introduce Yourself

An introductory video about you and what you do is the perfect place to start off your video journey. Give a little background behind your person to give it that personal touch and really connect with your audience. Encourage them to say hello and strike up a conversation with your watchers! There is so much you can do with this topic, the skies the limit with very little prep work.

Trials & Tribulations

Talking about what you have struggled within your life and business and how you moved forward and learned from it is not only a shining achievement for you but also will help give anyone else in a similar situation some guidance. You can do this without getting too personal by only choosing the topics you know other people have been experiencing as well. This will help grow that community around your brand, creating loyal followers to your voice.

Easy Fixes

If you found a better way to do something that is quick and simple, shooting a short video about it is perfect fodder for your audience. It can be a new tool, method, homemade fabric softener, whatever the trick maybe. People LOVE finding out about easy ways to better their lives or business. Even better if you can do a demonstration of how to fix that said problem!

I hope you found my ideas to be helpful in coming up with stellar content for your video journey!

If you are still struggling with how to get started rockin’ your video content, pick up my FREE ‘What Not to Do on Video” Guide.

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