Episode 30 – The Mompreneur Balance Myth

The Mompreneur Balance Myth – Episode 30

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On this episode, I chat with Emma Bates, a mompreneur of 3 who found success with blogging before starting her own service based business. During this interview, we tackle the work/life balance myth and whether it’s attainable or just smoke and mirrors:

    • Her journey from hobby blogger to business owner
    • Why work/life balance is so attractive to moms
    • How to break the stigma of perfection


Get to Know Emma!

Emma Bates is a SAHM of three kids between 3 and 9. She blogs at EmmaLeeBates.com about small business and goal setting for moms. If she is not hanging out online you can find her watching New Girl and eating ice cream with her husband.

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Connect with Emma:


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