New Look, New Direction

It’s been so long… too long if you ask me.

Hello everyone! I am so happy to be back in the saddle. M. Lynn Assistin‘ is slowly transitioning into the M. Lynn Drive-In! Starting with a brand new website design from the amazing Krista Aoki. This was the BIG STEP before I was going to venture into the Social Media territory and update all my other platforms.

With the new look, comes a new direction. In the past, I was focusing a ton of my efforts on Pinterest but it’s time for a change. The M. Lynn Drive-In will be turning into your one-stop spot for all your video/podcast and content needs. Focusing on making your content sing for your business!

Some things you may have noticed with the new design:
– Podcast has been discontinued(sad face)
– Heavy focus on video and content creation
– New name and updated look
– ongoing support for those needing that little extra to gain confidence in front of the camera

It’s a big transition but a much-needed one. So here is to the future (and more blogging)

Thanks so much for rockin’ on with me!

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