The 3 Secrets to Pin Creation

If you haven’t already, you might be considering FINALLY taking the plunge and hopping your business over to the Pinterest (congrats if you are)!

One of the most common deterrents I hear from people skill skeptical about utilizing Pinterest is that they don’t know how to make effective pins that will work for their business. Since Pinterest is a visual platform, your pin design is the first impression you give to your potential audience, so getting it right the first time is a tremendous amount of pressure.

Take a breath. It’s a lot simpler than you think!

By following (and sticking) to these simple steps, I will give you the formula for creating that perfect pin the first time around. Remember, it’s important to always test your pins first. Certain pin designs do a lot better in certain niches. It’s important to do a bit or research first to see what style of pin is popular amongst others in your niche.

I am not telling you to copy them (please don’t!) but doing this will give you a better idea of how you can go about designing a template that will work for you.

The most common pin dimensions are 735 X 1102 px for standard or 600 X 1260 px for long pins.

Square pins are also sometimes used, but this size pin is not the ideal pin dimensions that are favorable across the Pinterest space. You do not want to make your pins too long otherwise they will be cut off once posted.

(please note, all pin examples are those of my own making, either for myself or for current or past clients)

1. Stay consistent with your brand

It’s important to brand your pins with your appropriate colors, fonts and URL or logo. Try to avoid bold orange or red colors as these tend to get pixelated and distorted. Stick with using the same 2-3 fonts, making sure they are easy to read and properly sized on the pin.

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I use the same colors, clip art & fonts for all my pin designs.

2. Draw the Eye / CTA

It’s important to direct your audiences eye to the focal point of your pin. Whether you want them to read a CTA or see an image, make that the most important aspect of your pin. Some ways you can do this is keeping it centered or highlighting it with a bolder color or font.

In this pin, your eye is immediately drawn to the text over the white banner.

If you are promoting a freebie or opt-in, try displaying it on your pin. Giving a sample of what you offer can really make or break a click to conversion. Draw the eye with an arrow or font that will help draw their eye to where you want them to go.

Great example of utilizing an arrow to create a draw to the pin’s CTA.

3. Images & Font Size

If you are using images in your pin with text, make sure the image does not clash with your text fonts and colors. You can do that by fading the image, adding overlays or using image white space. Keep your fonts bold and readable. You don’t want to make your font TOO SMALL that the viewer would not be able to read your pin in their feed or search results.

In this pin, I faded the background image so the text stands out more against the image.

If you keep these 3 tips in mind, you will be creating amazing pins in no time.

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